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BLDP: The Heavy-Duty Transportation Market

POLA POWER, INC. and its corporate structure, organization and business strategy.

The alphaDIRECT Insight

Polar Power develops technologies and products that produce reliable energy for off-grid and backup power applications with a major focus on the telecom market. The company also produces energy efficient cooling and refrigeration systems. Polar has the unique ability to integrate multiple technologies into a single solution meeting the customer’s specific needs. To protect its IP and deliver the most cost-effective solution Polar maintains a vertically integrated manufacturing facility. We believe the company is beginning to deliver on its key strategic initiative of diversifying its exposure within top-tier telecom providers, expanding internationally and developing non-telecom markets such as military and onsite primary power generation for residential and commercial markets. These initiatives are beginning to show in the company’s backlog with a record $19.1 million as of November 26th.  In this report we review the company’s overall strategy, technology and markets.